How would your life be different if every day you woke up feeling great, you had access to an endless supply of energy, you had an expectation of abundance, and you achieved what you really wanted with each day?



Does that sound like something you can only dream of?  Well, I’m here to help you realise that dream!

Welcome to Well Within Me where you will find all the information, resources and practical activities you will need to find the energy Well Within You.

If you have found this site, you are probably interested in having more energy in your life and you are keen to know more about creating great abundance for yourself and the people you love.  Perhaps you have been at one of the events where I have presented and enjoyed the simple and powerful strategies I teach and the energy I have for life. Either way.....welcome! 

My name is Heather Yelland and I have spent over 25 years educating, supporting and coaching people all over Australia, New Zealand, America, The UK and Asia, using powerful techniques to understand who we really are, what we truly want out of life, and how to focus our energy to get the results we desire.  Perhaps most importantly, I have applied these things in my own life to great effect.

Some people have a belief that any kind of personal development takes you down a long and winding road.  I don't share that belief and I have spent my life developing powerful and effective processes you can apply easily if you are truly ready to change the quality of your life. 

So, if you want to "nail" the issues that are holding you back and unleash the true force within you, you are in exactly the right place!

Here's what one of my colleagues has to say about my work.

Dr. Joanna Martin, London, UK
International Speaker and sought after Educator

Loads of people ask me questions about how they can achieve energy and abundance in their own life, so I have put this site together to help you find the answers you seek. 

You can simply introduce yourself below to get FREE access to 10 comprehensive and yet simple and practical strategies you can apply immediately!  These strategies will allow you to;

  • know the values and beliefs that "power your desire" to change your life,
  • understand where your energy goes and how to "invest" it intentionally to great effect,
  • nurture yourself effectively, so you can then support others,
  • use the power of your touch to increase the quailty of your life and your relationship with the people you love,
  • truly relax and recharge your energy levels in 10 minutes a day,
  • harness your emotions and build your confidence,
  • develop your own unique and individual plan for creating abundance in your life.

So, please introduce yourself by entering your details in the box below and enjoy taking the first step toward creating the extraordinary life you want and living with balance and abundance.  Please know that when you introduce yourself, access the free material, and become a member of the Well Within Me community, I will personally ensure you only receive updates about things I truly believe can assit you in your journey toward abundant living.

Yours in abundance,


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